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Psychotherapy and Coaching


Life is difficult. Half the battle towards living a happy, healthy,  balanced life is to just realize life will always have obstacles and  "ups and downs" to move through and/or overcome. Accepting that life is  difficult will allow more mental space to move through the obstacles  with grace and less resistance.

At times, many  people need extra support, help or gentle coaching to move through life.  Reaching out and asking for help takes courage and a desire to do  whatever it takes to feel better. Helping an individual change their  thoughts to create a different outcome is what psychotherapy and  coaching is all about. The definition of insanity is doing the same  thing over and over again but expecting a different result. Changing the  thought pattern will create a different behavior and a more positive  result. 


Areas of Specialty

Sadness and Depression

Difficulties in Relationships

Addiction and Codependency

Anxiety and Panic

Life Coaching

Corporate Consulting for Organizational Development

Blended Family Issues

Marital and Divorce

Teen and Young Adult Concerns

Sleeping and Eating Difficulties

Driver's License Restoration